Thanking these guys for the best massage I've had!  I felt welcome as soon as I entered the studio and wow - seriously better than some of the finer spas I've visited.  The extras really take this experience to the next level with heated massage table, fireplace, rain shower and masseurs who take pride in their craft.  Highly recommend. 

Sean / DeKalb


After having the opportunity to book many massages with Bryan, I was able to schedule a Four Hand Massage session with Ron & Bryan.  The therapists were able to adjust intensity based on my terapeutic needs - whether it be my neck, back or calves.  I always leave a massage session feeling very relaxed and inspired to meet the rest of the week.  Both Ron and Bryan are excellent hosts.  I felt very welcome and at ease for the entire massage session.  Prior to the massage, Ron clarified areas of discomfort that could be addressed.  It was incredible to have the issues with my neck and upper back worked on while also having the cramping in the calves resolved.  The Massage Studio is perfectly designed and immaculate.  The sounds, lighting, and fresh spring water complimented the synchrony of the outstanding massage.  I was amazed at how well they work together and coordinate their massage techniques in peaceful harmony.  "Best in the burbs" is a perfect way to describe the experience.  I strongly recommend booking Traditional 2-Hand Massage and also the Four-Hand Massage whenever possible!   Carl / Bloomington


From the moment you walk in you are greeted with a smile which puts you at ease.  The Massage Studio is very welcoming. I've visited Bryan for Traditional 2-Hand Masssage as he works out the knots from the daily stress of work.  Also, if you have the opportunity, treat yourself to a Four-Hand Massage as it puts you in a totally different state of relaxation.  Highly recommend!  Eric / Crystal Lake


Visiting Chicago from Orlando and needed to find a massage therapist during my 2 month stay here for work.  I could not have been happier with the studio, the massage work, the professionalism I found during my session with Bryan.  Highly recommend.  Jerry / Orlando


Glad to write a review for Massaging Chicago after my visit over the Thanksgiving holiday.  This was my first visit and I can honestly say I received the best massage of my life.  Clean, warm studio with expert hands that immediately relaxed me as I drifted off for the 90 minute massage.  This was a traditional 2 hand massage and when I return for Christmas I plan on trying the four hand massage.  Highly recommend!  Craig / Minneapolis


This four hand massage was the best massage I have ever received. Work brings me to Chicago quite often and I was fortunate to be staying in the west suburbs.  I found Bryan and Ron through a mutual friend who recommended the 4-hand massage.  I won't try and describe how terrific this was but treat yourself and you will relax like never before... I slept like a baby!...Sam from Dallas


Words cannot describe the magnificent experience every time I see Ron and Bryan.   From the very second they opened the door on my first visit, I immediately felt at home and like we have been friends for years. They compliment each other so well both in their massage techniques as well as personalities.  You will feel total relaxation the second their hands touch you, and you will remain in total bliss throughout the incredible massage and for many hours/days after.  I have never seen the same masseurs more than twice before, but I have seen Ron and Bryan six times already, with many more to follow. They are not only extremely talented and professional, but they also exhibit true concern for their clients. I not only found two GREAT talented masseurs, but more importantly, I also have found two new incredible, genuine friends as well. No matter how far you may have to travel, it is definitely worth the visit!.....Denny from Countryside


I was visiting family for the Thanksgiving Holiday and a friend recommended this massage studio.  WHAT a breath of fresh air after a busy few days.  I receive regular massages back home in Denver and I could afford to fly these guys in once a month I WOULD!  The studio is so professional and clean and the techniques used were simply the best.  "Thank you!" and look forward to my next trip!.....Rich from Denver


This is my (actually i've lost count!) but something like 12th massage with Bryan and I am so grateful to have found my massage home.  Not only is the studio relaxing and fully equipped but the deep pressure and intuitive gift that Bryan has puts me in a deep state of relaxation and I always leave feeling renewed.  Highly recommend.....Andy from Downers Grove


I travel often to the Chicago area and have already been to Bryan several times for Massage.  He has an amazing massage studio with candles, music and a heated massage table that will completely relax you.  Before beginning the massage you will have a short consultation to identify any areas of pain or previous injuries.  Bryan is an expert when it comes to deep tissue and classic Swedish Massage.  He lives up to my expectations every visit.  Treat yourself to his gift and you will be glad you did!.....Adam from Dallas


My partner and I visited Chicago for the new year and each wanted a relaxing, professional four hand massage.  We are so glad we chose Ron and Bryan.  You will immediately feel welcomed into their massage studio and the quality and rate is beyond anything we have experienced in some of the finest spas back home in Minneapolis.  5 Stars - we highly recommend.                    

Travis & Ben from Minneapolis


Best massage I've ever had. Period.  This will be my monthly destination.  Kevin from Plainfield